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Optimize your single-vehicle routes!Spending hours pouring over data and maps to derive the most efficient route is a thing of the past.

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Download the tiramizoo Collect & Deliver App to start. No registration needed.

iOS version will be available soon.

Generate the most efficient delivery route with just a few clicks with our Collect & Deliver App.

  1. Step1

    Select your vehicle

    Select your preferred vehicle type from two urban vehicle categories (up to 7.5 t).

  2. Step2

    Enter addresses

    Quickly and easily create your list of stops with the help of the built-in address recommendation function. Tours with up to 25 stops are possible. Address data of already completed routes can be loaded from the archive.

  3. Step3

    Calculate your route

    Automatically generate optimized routes based on your priorities, e.g. the shortest distance to completion, with the option of specifying a custom sequence manually.

  4. Step4

    Map Preview

    Preview your optimized route on a map and make any necessary adjustments to meet your needs.

  5. Step5

    Start the Navigation

    Use your favourite mobile navigation app as you complete the route. Set the appropriate delivery statuses and make notes as needed.

  6. Step6

    Share your Progress

    Share the automatically generated, detailed report of your route including delivery times and notes.

  7. All Done!

    Download the tiramizoo Collect & Deliver app now to get started with no registration required.

    app preview

    iOS version will be available soon.